Thursday, December 08, 2011

((Extended Time Compressions))

Obozdur [.ru]
Seiei Jack [.jp]
Csaba Szentpétery [.hu]
Ronny Waernes [.no]
Xedh [.es]
Yan Jun [.cn]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Asp Clatter

Clutter [.uk]
Xedh [.es]

Are Yawning Flower Milk

Csaba Szentpétery [hu]
Hubert Napiórski [pl]
Wouter Jaspers [nl]
Xedh [.es]

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Apply The Tranquil Crush

Alvatoz Lab [it] Disco Langsam [se] Gabriel Kalb [br] Carlos Valverde [es]

Monday, March 31, 2008

In Search of the Lost Haint [in IV parts]

A four part, two-hour exploration of texture, density & flow
featuring Maurizio Bianchi [it] + Bret Hart [nc]

I: Alpha Dog Days
II: Beta Max Out
III: Gamma Ray Trace
IV: Delta Force Feed

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Adulterate Fragmentary Requests

You, Me, Us & Them Adulterate Fragmentary Requests in 2005. Our partners in this activity include:
Amy Edelen [ky] , Arable Farmland [il], Asa Nisi Masa [ky] , Cheap Machines [uk], DJet [ru], ECDM [es], Golden Dead [nl], Infant Cycle [can], Joke Project [jp], Layer [be], Matt Davis [ky], MB [it], Napalmed [cz], Nova Sak [co], Pain Receptor [nj], Papa Fritas [cl], Single Jingle [de] , Stabat Mors [de] , Staplerfahrer [nl] , Zan Hoffman [ky] , Zurich [dc]

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Savor Combustable Subcultures

You, Me, Us & Them Savor Combustable Subcultures features Fever Spoor [nl], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp] and Zan Hoffman [ky].


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

21 Gum Pollute

You, Me, Us & Them 21 Gum Pollute is another beastly work without listed contributors.

Dupe 27 Oblivious Conscripts

You, Me, Us & Them Dupe 27 Oblivious Conscripts from June 3, 2003 is such a thick work that no contributors are listed.


Through the rush and then...

Mighty entry into the YMU&T pantheon is the 15th release Through the rush and then... from April 2003.

Included in this work are id m theft able [me], Big City Orchestra [ca], Das Frohliche Wohnzimmer [at], the Pollock Brothers [is], Agog [ca], Cornucopia [pr], Mangenerated [be], and Evergreen [ky].

Offer Freelove Tamper Functionaries

14 years later I was working on an mighty new layered multi-collaboartiave work and realized that it was in the thematic and stylistic domain of my YMU&T project. Thus You, Me, Us & Them Offer Freelove Tamper Functionaries became the revitalized project release from 2003. Including new sound sources from Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Finland, France, and Austria this work has a wide range of high fidelity intensities.

Contributors include Das Frohliche Wohnzimmer [at], Das Synthetische Mischgewebe [fr], Mark Hanley [oh], Mike Jackson [nc], PBK [mi] Gelsomina [fi] and Dave Fuglewicz [ga].

The World Sweats Into Our Brains

Purple Poke a.k.a. If the World Sweats, Why Won't It Stain?

You, Me, Us & Them Purple Poke is also known by the title If the World Sweats, Why Won't It Stain?

Contributors remain unlisted in this work from 1988.

You Please Get Me Up On Us & Them

You, Me, Us & Them meets Please Get Up On in 1988 and what do you get? You Please Get Me Up On Us & Them of course.

Featuring SolOmonoff & Von HoffmanNstahl [nj], Rik Rue [au], Het Zweet [nl], CBC3 [ky] among a host others who will remain unlisted.

Four Teams Fought Tough Fiendish Tourist Foul Teeth

You, Me, Us & Them Four Teams Fought Tough Fiendish Tourist Foul Teeth is another brutal heavyweight from 1988 featuring an unlisted cast of many. This is the 14th release by this project, in theory.

Undermining Oversights

You, Me, Us & Them Undermining Oversights comes from June 22, 1987 and features sounds from Shmuzorft [nl], Ken Clinger [ca] Hal McGee [in] and others.

Thistle Throwers Thrust Threnody Through Their Throats

You, Me, Us & Them Thistle Throwers Thrust Threnody Through Their Throats gets right into the thick of it.

Contributors include, but are not limited to, Swinebolt #45 [tn], Minoy [ca], Agog [ca] and Tuf [jp].

Won't Whine Willingly

You, Me, Us & Them Won't Whine Willingly arrives with lots of unlisted contributors from early 1988 and is the 8th release by this project.

Rearrange Prearranged Destinies

You, Me, Us & Them Rearrange Prearranged Destinies from 1988 has a cast of many, none of which are identified.

Laying Bare All the Truth About Nothing

You, Me, Us & Them Laying Bare All the Truth About Nothing comes from October 7, 1987 and features Mike Stevens [ia], Adam Bohman [uk], Minoy [ca], Doh Matsuura [jp], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Mike Jackson [tn], Agog [ca] and Keona Umberto [ia].

Knowing is 5/8ths the Battle

You, Me, Us & Them Knowing is 5/8ths the Battle comes in three movements. This work was created in early 1988.

A crazed cast of many includes:
Mike Stevens [ia], Katharsis [ca], Shmuzorft [nl], Adam Bohman [uk], Agog [ca], Das Frohliche Wohnzimmer [at], Doh Matsura [jp], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Mike Jackson [tn], Minoy [ca], Tom Furgas [oh], and Zant [ia].

Infringe Upon Your Privacy

You, Me, Us & Them Infringe Upon Your Privacy is another work from early 1988 and features Der Akteur [de], Minoy [ca] and Adam Bohman [uk].

Hoping Oblivion Doesn't Stain

You, Me, Us & Them Hoping Oblivion Doesn't Stain features Agog [ca], Minoy [ca], Mike Jackson [tn], Croiners [ny], and Zan [ky] and was created in early 1988.

Emit Contagious Enthusiasm

You, Me, Us & Them Emit Contagious Enthusiasm harkens from early 1988 and it's contributors are not listed or generally known.

Dangle Adjectives Precariously

From early 1988 You, Me, Us & Them Dangle Adjectives Precariously layers reality dangerously.

Featuring Nick [in], -1348- [dc], Agog [ca], Man's Hate [uk] and Tuf [jp].